Weekly Wants - Neem Cream

This topical product is also an effective anti-fungal and antiseptic cream that is recommended to help relieve, repair and heal chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and much more. Proponents of this cream sometimes call it a cure-all because it reportedly helps heal so many different conditions.

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Our Neem Cream is formulated to:

  • regenerate, repair and normalize the skin
  • hydrate extremely dry patches
  • soothe sensitive skin
  • reduce the occurrence of itchy, red inflammatory breakouts
  • heal the skin

 It's also ideal for those who...

  • suffer from winter dry skin
  • have dry, irritated skin caused by the overusage of chemically saturated commercial soaps and antibacterial cleansers, (nurses, doctors, teachers, etc.).
  • individuals who work with their hands in the trades or out in the extreme weather (construction, industrial, motive power, and service).