The Benefits of Zinc Oxide for Sunscreen and More

We have been working on perfecting our SUNCARE Body and Facial Lotions, testing and retesting to make they are safer for those of you who are sensitive to nut and grain oils and at the same time to give you more protection without leaving a trace of "whitening".

We are always committed to using safe, natural ingredients and the standards for our SUNCARE products aren't any different.  Although the ingredients have changed, they are still as pure as the rest of our products.  SUNCARE goes on super-smooth and has a long shelf life, but it now has a rating of SPF 20. We use 15% non-nano zinc oxide to give SUNCARE its sun protection factor.

Zinc oxide is one of the safest ingredients for protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays penetrate the skin and damage tissue, speeding up the aging process and drying the skin out. These rays also increase the risk of skin cancer. Sunscreens containing zinc oxide filter out UV rays, keeping them from penetrating the skin and causing cell damage.

Zinc Oxide also repairs skin cells and helps to keep wound areas moist and clean. It’s used in lotions and creams as an effective skin astringent. Zinc Oxide is an effective acne treatment – it reduces the appearance of blemishes, reduces skin inflammation and irritation, and the number and severity of acne outbreaks.

Learn more about the benefits of Zinc Oxide here…

We are so excited about our new SUNCARE products because we think they are better than before!  Our new SUNCARE Body Lotions contain a moisturizing blend of luxurious botanical oils and extracts; organic non-GMO soybean, olive, coconut, and jojoba oil, which are suited for all skin types. The oils absorb quickly without clogging pores or leaving skin feeling oily, greasy or sticky.

SUNCARE Body Lotion glides on smoothly for easy, flawless coverage. The new formula sits on skin with no worries about applying to much. The creamy texture makes it easier to use with other skin care products and it’s easier to re-apply when you’re in the sun. Because it is made to be a physical sun protection product along with being a moisturizer, it does need to be reapplied every two hours.

SUNCARE Body Lotion is available in unscented or a light coconut fragrance (Phthalate Free) and designed to use daily on your body.  It’s especially nice on shoulders if you’re going to be actively playing in the sun on the beach, tennis courts, golfing, gardening, or anything else that puts you in direct sun all day. 

Our SUNCARE Facial Lotions are formulated for year-round everyday use under makeup.  Both are lightweight and non-greasy, ideal for the face, neck and ears.  SUNCARE Light Facial Lotion is suitable for all skin types, but especially those with oily, acne, combination or sensitive skin.  SUNCARE Hydrating Facial Lotion is suitable for dry, mature and sun-damaged skin.  Both offer UVA/UVB protection, with 15% Zinc Oxide (natural UVA/UVB protection).

How to Use the Sun Care

To use SUNCARE, just spread it evenly over your skin and rub it in until it looks nice and feels comfortable.  Remember that Zinc oxide is a physical sun protection ingredient, so it needs to be on top of the skin for it to be effective.  Make sure you’re reapplying every two hours and covering up any part of your body that you’re not using sun protection on.