How Your Gut Affects Your Skin

If you’re already using natural, plant based skin care, you’re already doing something amazing for your skin. But, if you’re still struggling with skin abnormalities, than we suggest that you take a look at your diet, because in order to have balanced skin, you must have a healthy gut.

Since the 1930’s researchers have suspected a link between gut and skin health, and modern research has now confirmed the importance of this relationship.

Skin is the largest organ for the excretion of waste, so that means what comes to the surface are nutrient-rich cells or waste latent cells. If you are dealing with skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, mouth sores, rashes, rosacea or acne chances are your body is reacting to the digestive process of the foods and beverages you are consuming. It’s called leaking gut syndrome (LGS), otherwise known as hyper-permeable gut.


Your intestinal lining is designed to maintain the integrity of the intestines, acting as a barrier between the intestines and the bloodstream. Think of it as a filter; it allows for the absorption of nutrients, water and electrolytes and it keeps foreign material from entering the bloodstream.

If your gut is in good health, nutrients pass through the cells of the intestinal lining; but if your gut is in poor health, nutrients trickle away or “leak” through the spaces between these cells and become indigestible matter or waste.

This waste that’s leaking into the bloodstream triggers an inflammatory response that can appear in many systems throughout the body and causes a variety of chronic diseases including skin disorders. As a matter of fact, a typical pattern for the development of LGS is digestive distress symptoms combined with skin irritation symptoms (diabetes and psoriasis).

Learn more about leaky gut here and 7 Signs and Symptoms You Have Leaky Gut

So, how do we heal ourselves?

If you want to have healthy skin, you have to heal your gut.  First of all, LGS is not a disease, it’s a syndrome that can have many causes and a variety of possible treatments. There is no known cure and no universal approach on how to treat it because we are all biologically different and not everybody responds the same way to LGS.

However, there are treatment strategies that are safe and supportive for the majority of people with LGS:

  • Lifestyle modifications.
  • Nutritional and herbal remedies.
  • Diet plan.

Making these changes will heal the intestinal lining, settle your inflammation, and ultimately clear your skin. Click here and take these step to improve your gut via Kris Carr. One of the first signs of noticeable improvement will be the condition of your skin. Recovery requires patience with a realistic time-frame because the longer your body has been in a diseased state, the deeper it is rooted in its pathology and the longer it will take to resolve.

Treat the Symptoms of Leaky Gut with Natural Skin Care Products

At Natural Skin Revival, we stand for honesty and transparency and part of that is sharing with you our knowledge about your body’s total health. We believe that the key to treating skin disorders is to optimize the health of your digestive tract.

Generally, prescription medications are prescribed to treat the symptoms of skin disorders caused by LGS, however, these synthetic drugs are costly, have dangerous side effects, are not effective, and they do not address or treat the root cause. Our natural skin care products are a safe and effective natural alternative. They bring relief, eases the irritation, itching, inflammation and discomfort associated with the disorders at a fraction of the cost and without side effects.

The long term health consequences for not making these changes are by far too great. Make the quality of future self your best, not you’re sickest.



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Natural Ways to Control Eczema for Adults

Eliminating foods that act as irritants to the body may help control eczema. Dairy, wheat, and sugar are some foods that may be triggers, but there may be others. Even mild levels of intolerance to foods can trigger flare-ups, so the effort food eliminations take can be very worthwhile.  There are two supplements are usually helpful as remedies for eczema and are a good place to start.
  1. Fish Oil - Among the many benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil is the ability to reduce inflammation throughout the body. This mean less redness and itchiness for skin conditions including eczema. 
    The optimal source is a non-heat treated cod liver oil will also provide essential vitamins A and D. 
  2. Probiotics - Flare-ups on the skin usually reflect an imbalance inside… usually the digestive tract. Probiotics populate the gut with “good bacteria” that can suppress the growth of potentially harmful bacteria which compromise the immune system’s ability to function. 

Disclaimer – The information contained within this blog are general in nature and for informational purposes only. Our statements and articles are meant to provide you with an “alternative” view, but not, read more...