Amazing Facial Masks You Need!

Let’s just say, Face Masks are awesome!

When it comes to facial skin care, the one thing we don’t do enough of is exfoliation, and this has the highest impact on the appearance, texture and feel of your skin. So, yes, you should be using one on a weekly basis because your skin will look brighter, the texture will be smooth, and the feel will be soft, like a baby’s bum.

Woman have been using facial masks since ancient times and their function is to improve the health of your skin. But, if you have never used a face mask or weren’t impressed with the one you received during the one-size-fits-all clay masks of the 90’s, then you are missing out on these new mask variations.

By learning more about the benefits of our clay masks and how they work, we are positive that you will transform your skin by adding this one simple routine to your facial regimen. Different facial skin masks use different types of clay so it is important to buy one suitable for your skin type. Oh, and by the way, men need to use them too!  

Clay Mask for dry and sensitive skin 

Our detoxifying Nutrient Rich Clay Mask will cleanse, exfoliate, and improve the circulation of the skin. This creamy clay mask is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant rich ingredients to nourish, moisturize and heal the skin for a silky, even complexion. Rose and Rhassoul clay nurture and soothe, leaving even the most sensitive types perfectly moisturized. SHOP NOW

Clay Masks for combination and oily skin

The main function of a clay mask for oily and acne skin types is to absorb the natural sebum and leave the skin dry and smooth.

Our Pore Minimizing Mask is a must-have for those with active sebaceous glands. The absorbency, astringency, and exfoliating properties of this clay mask curb the excessive production of oil. Formulated with French Green and Fuller Earth clays that have the ability minimize the pore size, control the shine and exfoliate the skin, unblocking the pores to diminish blemishes and skin irritation. Moreover, they soak up all the dirt accumulated during the day, cleaning the pores and giving the skin a smooth appearance. SHOP NOW

Tips for Applying a Clay Mask

Always apply Facial Masks to a clean face and neck. We recommend to prep your skin by applying a damp and “very” warm cloth to the area to open up the pores.

Apply to damp face and neck with fingers or brush. The layer of the clay should cover the entire face, but it should not be thick, as it may take too long to dry. Avoid eye and mouth area. The mask is ready to be removed when it is at the damp phase, before completely dry, (7-10 min, depending on the amount applied). Letting the mask dry completely can draw out the moisture from the surface of the skin causing dehydration and irritation. Be sure to follow with one of our Natural Facial Toners and then our Natural Facial Moisturizer.

By using clay masks on a regular basis, you can improve the circulation of the skin, remove dead skin cells, and give the skin an overall healthy glow. Our clay masks allow you to nourish, moisturize and deep clean your pores for a smooth even completion.

Our Pore Minimizing Mask is ideal for men's skin which tends to oily with larger pores.