About LATIV Natural Skin Revival

Natural Skin Revival was founded in 2008 by Mary Wank, a Wellness Advocate from Lakewood, Ohio. Learn more about Mary here.

The company focus is to produce quality skin care products that are scientifically engineered for safety and effectiveness to treat and manage chronic skin disorders, and for those who prefer a natural skin care regimen. 

Over the past 30 years there has been a significant increase in chronic skin disease resulting in an increase in the use of prescription medications to treat them.  In 2017 Mary realized that there was a need to incorporate a wellness program as an extension of the business and decided to change the name of the company to merge the two together, and LATIV was added in 2018. 

LATIV is a playful usage of the word “VITAL” spelled backwards. Mary is building a company that is dedicated to vitality and strives to change the way people think about their relationship with their skin and overall body and mind wellness.

As a Wellness Advocate, Mary offers educational programs to raise awareness on the need to use nature and nutrition as your first choice in achieving healthy skin. 

The goal is to reduce prescription drug use and expenses by offering natural products at a fraction of the cost, and to ultimately lower health care costs with a proactive approach that drives change by empowering people to take control of their health.

In doing so you not only save money on doctor visits and medications, but you also have an increase in energy, an improved outlook on life, and a transformation to a healthier body that will in turn give you healthy glowing skin.

“The most important thing to grasp about any topical applications is that all of them are merely palliative.  As effective as some of them are in soothing skin disorders, they do not get to the root cause of the disorders.”

“If you are looking to achieve healthy skin, the first thing you must do is fill your plate with nutrient rich foods, then use the that same health conscious decisions about your personal care products.” Mary Wank

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For information about the wellness programs visit our Events Page or contact Mary Wank at naturalskinrevival@att.net or 216.650.8532.